Upholstery Cleaning in the USA – Tips to Follow

Upholstery Cleaning in the USA – Tips to Follow

The irremovable stains on our favorite couch will always bother us a lot. Cleaning the couch or the upholstery material can be done at home, and also by hiring professional cleaners.

Cleaning Tips

When you have a couch in desperate need to be cleaned, you have to follow a few tips especially if you decide to clean the upholstery material all by yourself.

Check the Label

When you decide to clean the upholstery material, the first and foremost thing is to check the label to know the fabric and its cleaning methods. The tag will have certain letters mentioned on it, namely W, WS, X, and S.

W – This indicates that you should use only water for cleaning.

WS – This indicates that you can use water, dry detergents, and steam for cleaning.

X – This indicates that you should use only the vacuum for cleaning.

S – This indicates that you should use only dry detergents for cleaning.


After deciding the cleaning process, you have to vacuum the couch or the upholstery material before deep cleaning.

Prepare the Cleaning Solution

The upholstery cleaning solution has to be prepared based on the material of the couch and its method of cleaning. The cleaning solution can be prepared with vinegar, shampoo, rubbing alcohol, detergent powder, baking soda, and essential oil (for aroma).

Start Cleaning

Before starting the cleaning process, it is always recommended to spot test the solution on the fabric for any color-fade or fabric rupture. After spot testing, spray the solution and allow it to dry for 5- 10 minutes, and clean it with any scrub or microfiber cloth. To clean the tough stains on the couch, you can use the baking soda paste. 

Dry Out

After cleaning the couch, allow it to air dry and put back the cushion covers. The couch is ready to use once it is dried out completely.

Professional Cleaners

The reason to hire professional upholstery cleaners is that they clean with the utmost care and attention towards the fabric. Regal Carpet Cleaning Service have professionally trained people and high-quality equipment to clean the material by retaining its color, freshness, and appearance.

Methods of cleaning

The professional cleaners will check the label, the fabric, and the condition of the couch before proceeding with the cleaning process. These are the methods used by professional cleaners to clean the couch:

  • Chemical method
  • Steam cleaning
  • Dry detergent cleaning
  • Shampooing
  • Hot water extraction

Cleaning Time

Cleaning a single couch takes around 30 to 60 minutes, and a 3-seater couch takes around 2-3 hours of cleaning time.

Cost of Professional Upholstery Cleaners

Professional upholstery cleaners will charge between $30 to $50 for a single couch and $100 to $150 for a large sofa. The charges vary depending on the size, material, and condition of the couch. It is a great idea to get a fabric protector while purchasing the furniture, which costs around $60 to $150.