The Best Way To Clean Heavily Soiled Carpets

When your carpeted floor gets flooded due to pipe bursts and leaks, your carpet can get heavily soiled and disgusting. Leveraging such a situation will require high DIY skills or getting professional carpet cleaning services. The best way to clean a heavily soiled carpet is to involve professionals. Not only will they help you clean it better, but they will make it look new again.

Cleaning Flooded Carpet

Many businesses in the East Bay Area complain of having flooded and heavily soiled carpets after heavy rains.

Dealing with flooded carpets needs a quick response to prevent mold growth and your carpet having a foul odor when wet. Regal Carpet Cleaning Services suggests you should first dry your carpet as soon as possible while waiting for experts to get to your premises.

To dry the carpet, you will need an industrial extractor before pulling your carpet off the floor.

Dry the pad underneath the carpet using the industrial extractor and pull it off the floor.

If the water has flooded on the floor for more than 24 hours, your floor could be at risk of developing mildew and bacteria.

Therefore, the next step is to dry the floor using a fan. After the floor is dry, use a neutralizing cleaner to clean and disinfect the floor.

After cleaning and disinfecting and the floor is well dried, install new padding and put back your carpet.

How to clean a heavily soiled carpet

After putting back your carpet into place, you now need to clean it thoroughly. Extracting water from the carpet to dry it is not enough to deal with possible contamination caused by the flooded water. Your carpet needs to be treated with an antimicrobial solution.

However, if your carpet has been flooded for over 48 hours, especially with contaminated water from sewer leakages, your carpet could be unsalvageable. The water is considered grossly unsanitary.

For a heavily soiled carpet, you will need a more aggressive method to clean it properly.

To clean your heavily soiled carpet, you will have to dry it thoroughly. This will prevent the formation of sticky mud when water comes into contact with the soil.

After the carpet is dry, you will need to perform extreme vacuuming. This will help remove the soil particles that have gone deeper into the carpet’s fibers and could not be removed with the standard vacuuming process.

Vacuuming your carpet only once will not be enough. Set up a few hours every day for a week to perform extreme vacuuming on your carpet.

Using Encapsulation

Sometimes your carpet may get heavily soiled due to people walking on it with dirt off their shoes. Such high traffic areas may get heavily soiled and can be salvaged through the encapsulation cleaning process.

This process encapsulates the dirt on the area, brings them on the carpet from settling on the deep, and can easily be cleaned up through vacuuming.

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