How To Clean And Maintain Hotel And Restaurant Carpets

Cleanliness is one of the factors that attract clients and guests to your hotel and restaurant. With carpets being one of the first things a guest will see when getting into your premises, keeping them as clean as possible will create a positive impression for your business. Using the most appropriate methods to clean and maintain hotel and restaurant carpets will not just create a great impression. It will also make your carpets last longer without wearing and tearing.

Maintaining hotel and restaurant carpets.

The first step in maintaining a hotel and restaurant carpet is making the right choices. This includes:

● Choosing a carpet with proper specifications about the place it is used.

● Proper color selection matching the traffic rates, sunlight, and different conditions of various areas.

● Proper installation that meets the hospitality requirements.

● Scheduled maintenance plan.

Carpet performance and lifespan depends on these factors.

Here are some ways you can maintain your carpet in the hospitality industry.

  • Soil containment

It involves the use of doormats, polite notices to visitors, and rugs on high traffic areas to reduce the amount of soil getting into the restaurant and rooms.

  • Regular vacuuming

Frequently vacuuming carpets will help reduce dust and debris on the carpets and keep them in low amounts.

  • Spot and stain removal

Immediately removing stains on the carpets before they dry up and become stubborn to remove.

  • Restorative cleaning

Schedule regular deep carpet cleaning in your premises to remove deep soils in the fibers of the carpet.

Create and implement a carpet maintenance program and adhere to it. You can plan for carpet cleaning activity on days when customers are few, instead of entirely closing work.

Some areas will need more care than others due to high traffic areas. Such areas are;

● Food areas

● Elevators

● Entrances

● Hallways

Cleaning hotel and restaurant carpets

You can clean your carpets using any appropriate method.

Depending on the type of dirt, you can clean carpets by vacuuming, spot and stain treatment, and steam cleaning.


● light traffic areas, vacuum at least three times every week and conduct deep cleaning once every year.

● Medium traffic areas: Vacuum daily and conduct deep cleaning at least twice every year.

● Heavy traffic areas: Vacuum heavy traffic areas more than once every day and conduct steam cleaning at least four times every year.

● Severe traffic areas: Vacuum these areas more than once every day and perform a deep cleaning on such areas every month. If possible, perform a deep cleaning every week.

Spot and stain removal

Remove spots and stains immediately and as soon as possible.

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