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If you own a carpet, you know how important it is to keep it clean. A clean carpet leaves your house looking good and fresh.

But to get it cleaned, you must choose between different cleaning methods. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Worst of it all, if you choose the wrong cleaning method, then your carpet ends up being damaged.

Oakland carpet cleaners use different techniques to clean your carpet. When you hire us, you get:

  • Dry Powder Cleaning

This is a technique that’s commonly called “the host system.” The dry powder cleaning technique uses natural and soft cleaning products combined with small amounts of safe-to-use solvent, detergents, and water.

The mixture is sprinkled on the dirty carpet to create clumps that look like sawdust. After some time, the clumps dissolve and absorb the dirt on the carpet. You, therefore, remove the clumps together with the dirt by vacuuming it.

  • Encapsulation Cleaning

Encapsulation is a cleaning process that begins by vacuuming the carpet before any chemical is applied. After the vacuum, the next thing is to place the carpet on a rotary agitation machine to allow the chemical to remove the dirt. Then after a few minutes, the carpet is vacuumed again.

  • Dry Cleaning

Also, called Bonnet Cleaning, it’s more popular with most of the Oakland Carpet Cleaners. The cleaning method is similar to the encapsulation method. The only difference is that it uses self-neutralizing detergent instead of chemicals.

Instead of vacuuming the carpet after cleaning, a pad-drying is done to allow the absorption of dirt.

This technique is perfect for carpet maintenance-cleaning. It’s common with most commercial carpet cleaners.

  • Warm or Hot Water Extraction

Just like the name suggests, this technique involves cleaning the carpet using water of up to 100 degrees Celsius. Most of the carpet cleaners call this process steam cleaning. However, this process is not really a steam cleaning technique.

The warm water cleaning technique is better than other cleaning techniques. It removes the dirt and kills most of the bacteria and germs on your carpet.

However, the lower the temperature, the less the effectiveness in killing germs and bacteria.

  • Professional Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most effective type of carpet cleaning. It kills all germs and bacteria on the carpet. And just like the name suggests, this is a technique that uses steam to clean your carpet.

Steam cleaning uses superior machines that dispense water at a temperature of above 100 degrees Celsius up to 150 degrees Celsius.

However, you have to be careful with most carpet cleaners. Most of them claim to do a steam cleaning, but they only do a hot water cleaning technique.

But here at Oakland cleaning, we ensure that you get what you order. We don’t cut corners or hide any information about our cleaning.

What Next?

The type of your carpet will highly determine the cleaning technique you choose. So, before you choose any method, first, check the cleaning requirement and instructions for your specific carpet.

Once you determine the type of cleaning you need, then reach out to us and we’ll do the job for you. Call Regal Carpet Cleaning Service @ +1 510-250-0736.

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