Simple Way To Clean Your Carpet By Hand

When carpets get dirty and are poorly maintained, they may develop a foul smell. This is because they can grow mold, trap pet hair, and dirt from the surrounding. Eventually, this could get dangerous for your health, causing you allergies and other respiratory issues.

Cleaning carpets is a job most of us do not love doing by ourselves. However, when this is the only option you have, and you want to keep the budget low, you will have to learn the simple ways to clean your carpet by hand.

These ways will help you conduct proper carpet maintenance and extend their duration and performance.

Here are some ways you can clean your carpet by hand, especially if you do not have the more advanced equipment for the job, which is relatively expensive.

Use Vinegar

You can get your carpet to a pristine condition just by using vinegar without steam cleaning.

You only need vinegar, a scrub brush, and a bucket of warm water.

Fill the bucket halfway with warm water and concentrate the water with an adequate amount of vinegar.

Use the scrub brush to apply the solution on the carpet until it gets damp but not soaked with the solution.

Keep scrubbing the solution on the carpet and then refill the bucket with clean water.

Soak a piece of rug in the clean water and wring it before using it to clean the carpet.

Do this process twice and turn on your fans for the carpet to dry quickly. You can open the windows and the doors for more ventilation and faster aeration.

Using Carpet brush and degreaser

With just a kitchen degreaser and a carpet brush, your carpet can get as clean as new.

The degreaser works on almost every kind of stains and spots formed on the carpet.

Apply reasonable amounts of the liquid formula on the stains or spots, let it settle for some time before using a damp cloth to absorb the stains.

Using baking soda

Baking soda is a multipurpose product that helps in several home solutions. And it can also be used to clean your carpets! This affordable powder can get rid of tough stains in your carpets.

Put some amount in the carpet or the targeted spot. The carpet should be wet but not soaked. Leave the powder on the carpet for at least half an hour to let it work on the dirt and dust. It absorbs all the dist, soil, and stains.

Afterward, use a piece of cloth to clean the carpet. By this time, all the dust and debris will have come on top of the carpet, making it easier to clean.

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