How To Keep Entryway Carpet Clean

The entryway floor tends to collect more dust, soil, grit, and other debris than any other part of the house. If you do not know how to keep your entryway carpet clean, this debris will get its way to the whole carpet and make it dirty.

Follow these simple tips to keep your entryway carpets clean, regardless of the season.

Tips to keep your entryway carpets clean

The best way to keep your entryway carpet clean is to prevent dirt and dust from outside to get to them. There are so many things you can do to achieve this:

● Regularly take your shoes off on the doormat before getting into the house.

● Keep your shoes outside if possible, and do not even carry them into the house until they are cleaned. This will prevent the dropping of soil on the floor and carpets.

● Keep your walkway in your yard and towards your house as clean as possible. Remove snow, and sweep away the dust regularly.

Purchase a shoe rack

Shoe racks prevent dust and soil from falling on different parts of the room. Have one placed near your entryway to keep your shoes once you have removed them. Any dirt from the shoes will fall off the shoe rack and on the ground under the shoe rack, which is easier to clean.

Have doormats on the entryways

Doormats are very important when you want to keep your carpets clean. They help you wipe off the dust before getting into the house. Any dirt or dust from your shoes or clothes will fall on the mats before entering the house. Always keep the doormats as clean as possible by shaking the dust off regularly.

Door hangers

Get a door hanger to hang your coats, jackets, and other belongings to reduce moving around the house with dirt in the home. Dust does not just get to the shoes alone. It finds its way to your jackets and coats also.

Having door hangers right at your doorstep to remove and keep them will be crucial in keeping your entryway carpets clean.

Storage boxes at the entryway

In addition to the door hangers, add a storage box near your entryway to keep items from outside. If you have kids, let them keep their toys and play items such as balls in this box before getting into the house.

You can also keep umbrellas and pet items in the box. It will help you prevent the dirt from this item from getting into your entryway carpet.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuum your entryway carpets more frequently than other carpeted areas that have low traffic levels.

This will help you remove the dust and dirt from the carpet and keep them clean.

Let us help.

You will eventually need to perform deep cleaning for your carpets once in a while. Even performing maintenance tips to keep your entryway carpet clean is not a long term solution. After some time, soil and debris will accumulate, leaving you with no choice but to seek a professional carpet cleaning service. Regal Carpet Cleaning Service offers deep carpet cleaning services in homes in the whole East Bay Area.

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