Steps To Clean A Hotel Room

In the hospitality industry, creating a pristine atmosphere for guests will attract more customers for you. However, maintaining this condition is not a walk in the park. With a standard time for housekeepers to clean a bedroom being just 30 minutes, they really have to master some steps to clean hotel rooms.

Guests will often turn their rooms upside down and leave everything in a mess. Some will even throw a party in their rooms, leaving the possibility of glass breakages on floors. As a housekeeper, you do not know what to expect as you open that door. But following these steps, you can make a hotel room clean in under 30 minutes.

Air the room

Before doing anything, open windows and any balcony doors to allow fresh air to get into the room, leave the main entrance open too for more ventilation as you work.

Strip the beds

After you have opened the windows and fresh air is flowing in, strip the bedsheets. You can use the dirty sheets to pack the rest of the items and keep everything under containment.

However, if the same guest has occupied the room for more than one night, then it isn’t necessary to remove the sheets unless they are dirty. You can ask them whether they need them to be replaced. Otherwise, just remake the bed neatly for them. Inspect the bed for any damages, stains, and tear on sheets.

Remove the rubbish

Empty the bins and dirty linen in the room. Replace the bins with clean ones. Look inside the drawers and all the surfaces to ensure you do not leave any rubbish in the room.

After removing the rubbish, dust the furniture, from seats, drawers, chairs, and tables. Also, put some attention on the windows, lampshades, and hangings on the wall.

Wipe surfaces

Use a color-coordinated cleaning system to wipe off surfaces without causing cross-contamination. Use a different piece of cloth for other rooms.

Sanitise high contact objects and areas such as the door handles and remotes.

Clean the bathroom

Pay close attention to the bathroom area, toilet seats, tiles, showerhead, and remove all traces of leftovers from previous guests, like hair!

Replace personal items provided by the hotel

These items include personal care products such as laundry bags, utensils, notebooks, and guides.

Check the room

Check the pillows, curtains, and carpets to see if they are in good condition.

Vacuuming the carpet

The last step is to vacuum the carpeted floor and check whether it has been damaged or stained before leaving. Treat the stains and spots appropriately. You will have to know how to treat different stains and carpet materials.

Carpet vacuuming helps you maintain your hotel carpets in great shape by removing dust, hair, and dust, which, when left to accumulate, can result in allergic reactions. If you are looking for ways to clean your carpets, visit Regal Carpet Cleaning Service Blog for tips.

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