DIY Vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

Ideally, carpets should be thoroughly deep cleaned at least once every six months to remove the debris, dust, and soil that have settled deep in the fibers. Deep cleaning your carpets also removes the foul smell and helps improve the performance of your carpets.

When you want to clean your carpets, you may get stuck between doing it yourself or getting a professional carpet cleaning service to do it for you. Each option has its pros and cons, as we discuss in detail here.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Pros

You save money!

While professional carpet cleaning service companies charge you by the carpet’s square foot, you are the expert here. While a professional service costs between $80 and $130 for a 200-400 square foot carpet, you stand a chance to save this money by doing it yourself.

You estimate your cost and what you need.

With just a few cleaning products that you can find their prices online, you can easily estimate the whole cleaning process’s total cost. Besides, you do not worry about the additional charges being imposed on you in professional cleaning.

You respond quickly to emergencies

After heavy rains, some homes and business premises get flooded with water, which damages the floor and carpeting. In such emergency cases, you can work swiftly and respond to the situation before further damage happens. When you rely on professional services to respond to such emergency issues, your items can get destroyed as you wait for their services. They could be busy somewhere else.

DIY Carpet cleaning cons

Although you may consider doing your carpet yourself, sometimes it is not the best option. Here’s why.

  • You cannot do it better than the professionals. These people are trained specifically for this job and have excellent knowledge to deal with all types of materials, stains, and carpets’.
  • You may not have the required tools. Deep cleaning requires more advanced equipment to remove the dep settling dust, soil, and debris in your carpet. These tools are always expensive and difficult for homeowners to have. Professional carpet cleaning companies have invested in these tools to give you a better cleaning experience.
  • You may mess up everything. With little knowledge, you may even get your carpet damp while trying to deep clean it. It is always recommended to leave it to the professionals who know what exactly they are doing.

Professional carpet cleaning pros

  • Appropriate cleaning method. With different cleaning methods you can choose to clean your carpet, professional services will use the most appropriate method and products to give the best results. They know how to treat different carpet materials and other products to use.
  • Faster process. If you use a professional cleaning service, the experts know what exactly they are doing. So the process will be quick, and your carpet will dry faster.

Even with the best vacuuming practices to maintain your carpet clean, thorough deep cleaning after every six months is always recommended. When it comes to this point, the best way to clean your carpets is by getting professional help. 

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