Carpet Cleaning Techniques Used By Professionals

The carpets and rugs are beautiful. They can transform the overall appearance of our rooms in a breeze. They are one of the most stylish home decor additions for any home.

However, when they get used continually, they tend to get dirty by gathering dust, dirt, debris, stains, and pet odor. This is why you need to regularly clean your carpets and rugs. And the best way to clean your carpets is by getting a professional carpet cleaning service to do it for you.

You may be using only one technique that sometimes may not remove all the stubborn stains and dirt that lie deep in your carpet.

Professionals use different carpet cleaning techniques to clean your carpet. More importantly, they determine and choose the most appropriate method.

Here are some of the carpet cleaning techniques used by professionals

Carpet cleaning techniques

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning, otherwise known as deep carpet cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning uses high-pressure hot water to break and dissolve dust in the carpet fibers.

Hot water is then extracted using a vacuum, hence the name, “hot water extraction.”

The process begins by the application of a cleaning agent on the carpet, then spread using a brush to break up the dirt particles.

Hot water extraction comes after the cleaning agent has worked on the particles.

Regal Carpet Cleaning Service can take an average of an hour to perform steam carpet cleaning in an average home. The carpet normally takes two hours to dry.

It can take longer for commercial cleaning services.

  • Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet carpet cleaning is common in hotels as it gives a quick solution in high traffic areas. It also uses little moisture and dries quickly, preventing inconveniences to customers.

A high moisturized equipment is used together with an absorbent pad that has been dipped in a cleaning agent.

The equipment is brushed over the surface of the carpet to absorb dust, particles and soil from the upper layer of the carpet. The machine absorbs all the dust, leaving a clean surface.

  • Shampooing

This method is one of the oldest technique that was popular in the 60s and 70s. Despite this, it is still used as one of the professional carpet cleaning techniques.

The modern shampooing method involves the application of a foaming substance using a brush machine.

Wet-vacuuming is done to get rid of the shampoo, dirt, and other particles.

The carpet is left to dry for some time before dry vacuuming is performed to remove the rest of the debris.

  • Encapsulation

Similar to shampooing, encapsulation involves the application of foam agents into the fibers of the carpet using a brush. The difference is that it uses synthetic foam detergents which crystallized into powder and encapsulates the soil on the carpet.

The powder is then vacuumed with the dirt.

Most professionals do not use this method to clean heavily soiled carpets since its not the most appropriate and effective technique on such situations.

  • Dry extraction cleaning

This is one of the latest carpet cleaning innovations used by professionals.

It uses no water and thus needs no time to dry your carpet.

The method involves the application of a cleaning powder to the bottom of a carpet using rotating brush equipment. The machine forces the fibers of the carpet to open up and let the powder settle in it, resulting in deep cleaning.

The carpet is later vacuumed to remove the soil and powder.

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