Ways To Keep Your Carpet Clean

If you have a soft carpet or rugs on your house’s flooring, then you know it is hard to maintain them. Carpets are great, but they need proper care and attention to keep them clean and appealing. To keep your carpet clean, you have to master some habits, from proper vacuuming and removing shoes. Here are some ways you can keep your carpet clean.

Get doormats on entrances.

Doormats protect floors and carpets by helping you wipe off dust when coming in. Even during winter, snow can be a real mess. Have one placed outside to wipe off shoes and the second one inside the house to take the shoes off without dropping debris on the floor.

Clean stains immediately

When you leave the stains to dry on the carpets, they become so hard and stubborn to remove. If they stay longer, they could also damage the coloring of your carpet.

To keep your carpets in good shape and extend their lifespan, always clean the stains and spills immediately.

Tip: Different materials require different stain removal methods and products. Always be careful and ensure you are applying the right procedure and products.

Take off your shoes at the entrance.

Removing your shoes is the only sure way to prevent dirt and dust on shoes from getting on carpets and rugs.

You can have slippers or socks specifically to use on carpets and avoid stepping on your carpet with oils on your feet. Just make sure that the slippers and socks do not step somewhere else and carry dirt to the carpet.

Vacuum regularly

It is recommended to vacuum your carpets at least twice every week. Go to every spot on your carpet at least 8-12 times, depending on how much the traffic gets.

Also, vacuum your carpet in different directions to ensure most of the dirt is removed.

Trim Snags

If you have pets and kids around the house, snags on your carpet will appear most of the time. Avoid pulling these snags when you see them. It could destroy a large area of your carpet and distort its structure.

The best thing to do is to use a pair of scissors to cut and remove the snags.

Add Carpet protection

High traffic areas on your carpet will mostly accumulate dust, dirt, and debris most of the time.

You can put a rug on such high traffic areas to reduce the amount of debris getting into your carpet.

Tip: Remember to keep your rug clean.

Cleaning a rug is easier than carpet cleaning.

Get a professional carpet cleaning service.

The above ways can help you keep your carpet clean and prevent them from accumulating more dust and dirt.

Regardless of how you strive to keep your carpet clean, you will at times find stubborn stains and difficult to remove dirt accumulating on your carpet.

It is time you should consider getting a professional carpet cleaning service.

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