How Long Does A Professional Carpet Cleaning Take?

Many people ask how long does professional carpet cleaning take when they need to get the services. This question is common and for a good reason.

As a homeowner, you have kids playing around, you have some work to do, or you need your carpet cleaned fast for your home’s upcoming function.

In your business premises, you probably do not want to close the doors for your customers. You need a carpet cleaning service that will take the minimum time possible without inconveniencing your customers and employees.

You simply want to keep the smooth running of operations in your home or office.

The estimated completion time of any professional carpet cleaning service depends on some factors:

Factors that determine how long carpet cleaning takes

The Method used

The method used during the carpet cleaning process affects the completion time since different ways have different procedures. Keep in mind that a faster completion time does not mean it’s the best method to clean your carpet.

Some techniques are best for keeping your carpet clean, and others are for doing a deep cleaning and can take longer.

The Level of dirt

The dirtier the carpet, the longer it will take to get cleaned. If you have been performing carpet cleaning regularly, it could take a shorter time since it has accumulated little dirt.

However, if you are getting your carpet cleaned for the first time after a long time, expect it to take a bit longer.

Carpets should be cleaned regularly, at least once every year.


If you have more furniture that needs to be moved from the carpet, it will add more time to the whole process, making it longer.

The best option is to remove as much furniture as possible before the professionals arrive.

Average time

With the factors above at play, it is best to contact the carpet cleaning service provider to estimate the average time they can complete the whole process.

How long should you stay off cleaned carpets?

It also depends on the method used.

When the carpets are dry cleaned, you can step on them even immediately after cleaning.

On the other hand, your carpets may still be wet after steam cleaning. When this method is used, it is advised to avoid stepping on them or putting back furniture on them.

Leave them to dry completely to avoid bad smell, mold, and bacteria growth.

Key Takeaways:

● Always involve an experienced carpet cleaning service company to deep clean your carpets and rugs.

● Regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpet could reduce the completion time of cleaning your carpet.

● Leave your carpets to dry after they have been cleaned using the steam cleaning technique.

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